Pippy Yew Vessel I

Anthony Bryant
Pippy Yew Vessel I forms part of a collection of very special decorative work, created by wood artist Anthony Bryant. Crafted from ecologically felled timber and turned on a lathe whilst the wood was still green, the ‘pippy’ Yew from which the material for these pieces is derived was an unforgettable acquisition for Anthony. The term ‘pippy' is recognised in the timber world to describe a very tight burr grain. Obtained almost by chance after the timber dealer admitted he was looking for someone who could do the tree justice, these vessels represent a journey of exploration and a summer of labour-intensive work. The Yew’s defining features are now immortalised in a series of one-off pieces; from the unique grain pattern, to the intriguing heart splits that the artist has skillfully incorporated into each thinly-walled pot.

Material: Yew, Tung oil
Dimensions: Height: 35cm, Length: 32cm, Width: 32cm
Care Instructions: It is not necessary to re-oil the piece. Keep dust free and clean with a lint free cloth.
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Each piece is firstly rough-hewn from the tree’s trunk using a chainsaw, before being turned on a lathe. Anthony works specifically with unseasoned, sap-filled, green wood. This is commonly referred to as ‘green-turning’ and allows a much thinner walled vessel. Green turning is a time sensitive process; as the wood dries, it warps and splits, which can impact the final piece if not approached with skill and speed. The vessel is then left to dry, during which it warps into shape.
The Maker Anthony Bryant Wood Artist - South West England

Anthony Bryant is internationally recognised for his work in 'green' woodturning. Working from his studio in Cornwall, Anthony creates work which stretches the potential of the material to its limits, both in scale and its breathtaking thinness. His thin walled green-turned wood pots showcase the technique he has developed since he began woodturning at the age of 13, with many pieces so fine the light shines through.