Hollie Ward

Based in South East London, Hollie Ward creates one-off pieces handwoven from surplus yarn, as well as British and Icelandic wool. Having recently graduated with a First Class BA (hons) in Textile Crafts, specialising in woven fabrics, Hollie's first interiors collection has been developed exclusively for The New Craftsmen. Hollie draws inspiration from fabrics woven with history, and incorporates experimental elements into her work.

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Hollie Ward


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“Each piece pays homage to the uniqueness of the material, created using ends of yarns so masses can't be produced. If we own a blanket and use it every night, that blanket carries our experiences, and this is how we form connections. I wish for my work to live on through the individual and hope this inspires people to create connections with the objects we surround ourselves with.”

Hollie Ward, Textile Weaver


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  1. Esme Check Square Cushion
    Esme Check Square Cushion
    Hollie Ward
  2. Alice Check Square Cushion
    Alice Check Square Cushion
  3. Maggie Check Square Cushion
    Maggie Check Square Cushion
  4. Esme Check Rectangular Cushion
    Esme Check Rectangular Cushion
  5. Alice Check Rectangular Cushion
    Alice Check Rectangular Cushion
  6. Maggie Check Rectangular Cushion
    Maggie Check Rectangular Cushion
  7. Esme Check Bolster
    Esme Check Bolster
    Hollie Ward
  8. Haleen Rectangular Cushion
    Haleen Rectangular Cushion
  9. Haleen Square Cushion
    Haleen Square Cushion
    Hollie Ward
  10. Arcthine Rectangular Cushion
    Arcthine Rectangular Cushion
  11. Carelion Rectangular Cushion
    Carelion Rectangular Cushion
  12. Arcthine Square Cushion
    Arcthine Square Cushion
    Hollie Ward
  13. Ordahl Rectangular Cushion
    Ordahl Rectangular Cushion
  14. Ordahl Square Cushion
    Ordahl Square Cushion
    Hollie Ward
  15. Ordahl Blanket
    Ordahl Blanket
    Hollie Ward
  16. Allin Rectangular Cushion
    Allin Rectangular Cushion
    Hollie Ward
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16 Products found